Sample Paper NET English Literature

1) Which is the last play (unfinished) written by Shakespeare?
(a)  Tempest                 (b) Henry VIII  
(c) The Winter's Tale          (d) Cymbeline
2) The first Folio edition of Shakespeare's plays was printed in:

(a) 1622                                                           (b) 1623                     
(c) 1624                                                           (d) 1625
3) Shakespeare's collection of Sonnets was dedicated to a certain 'Mr. W.H.'
(a) William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke                (b) William Drummond of Howthorden
(c) Earl of Surrey                                          (d) Queen Elizabeth
4) The name of Shakespeare's birth place is:
(a) Startford-on-Avon                                   (b) Startford down-Avon                
(c) Winchester Avon                                     (d) Somerset-Avon
5) Sir Philip Sidney's Astrophel and Stella is inspired by:
(a) Penelope Devereux                                  (b) Sir Walter Raleigh
(c) Philipe de Mornay                                    (d) None
6) In Astrophel and Stella, Astrophel has a name:
(a) Star Love                                                  (b) Star King             
(c) Star Heaven                                              (d) None
7) Stella means:
(a) Star                                                           (b) King                     
(c) Moon                                                         (d) None
8) Sidney's A & Stella brought out in 1591 is:
(a) a sequence of 108 sonnets                       (b) 208                      
(c) 350                                                      (d) 1350
9) Sidney's The Defence of Poesie was published in:
(a) 1595                                                           (b) 1596                     
(c) 1597                                                           (d) 1598
 10) Sidney's The Defence of Poesie is a Prose Essay which answered:
(a) Stephen Gosson's The School of Abuse
(b) Thomas Lodge's Maruis and Sylla
(c) Thomas Lodge's A Defence of Poetry, Music and Stage Plays
(d) None
11)Which of the following works was left unfinished by Marlowe:
(a) The Tragedy of Dido, Queen of Carthage                   
(b) The Massacre at Paris    
(c) Edward-II                                                            
(d) None
12) Regarding his use of the Blank verse, who coined the phrase: "Marlowe's Mighty Line"?
(a) Shakespeare                                             (b) Kyd          
(c) Ben Jonson                                               (d) Dr. Johnson
13) Which was the first play in Senecan form?
(a) Ferrex & Porrex                                      (b) The Old Wive's Tale                   
(c) Dr. Faustus                                           (d) Campaspe
14) For whom's death, Ben Johnson stated the phrase "for lack of bread"
(a) Sir Thomas Wyatt                                    (b) Donne 
(c) Spenser                                                 (d) Andrew Marvell
15) The Book VII o the Faerie Queen was published:
(a) 1589                                                    (b) 1596                     
(c) After Spenser's death                             (d) before 2 years of Spenser death
16) Between 1590 and 1593 the theatre's were closed owing to:
(a) disturbances caused by the elites             (b) disturbances caused by the people
(c) disturbances caused by the actors            (d) disturbances caused by the knights.
17) Who began the tradition of Revenge play?
(a) George Peele                                             (b) Samuel Daniel
(c) Marlowe                                                   (d) Kyd
18) The Chief subject of Milton’s Areopagitica is________________________
19) The Story of Milton's Samson Agonistes is taken from________________
20) Shakespeare’s Hamlet is based on Kyd's play_______________
21) Lyly, Nash, Greene etc. belong to the group of what is known as_________
22) 'Dear Son of a memory, great heir of fame'. This has been said by Milton about:
(a) Shakespeare                                             (b) Chaucer         
(c) Spenser                                                   (d) None
23) Whom does the Red Cross Knight in the FQ represent:
(a) Sidney                                                   (b) Sir Walter                        
(c) King Arthur                                             (d) Henry IV of France
24) Milton became blind as the age of:
(a) 32                                                               (b) 43                         
(c) 55                                                               (d) 60
25) Polyoblion is a long poem by:
(a) Sidney                                                       (b) Michael Drayton             
(c) George Chapman                                     (d) Thomas Dekker
26) The heroine of the 'Rape of the Lock' is:
(a) Clarissa                                                     (b) Crispissa              
(c) Belinda                                                      (d) Diana
27) "For them no more the blazing hearth shall burn" to whom does 'them' refer:
(a) Bards killed by William II.                      (b) Poor Rusty people who are now dead. 
(c) Ambitious people                                     (d) Politicians
28) Which of the following poem is written by Shakespeare in 1593:
(a) Venus and Adonis                                   (b) Hero and Leander 
(c) Poems                                                  (d) The Queens Wake
29) Which of the work by Milton is written in prose?
(a) Comus                                                      (b) La Allegro
(c) II Penseroso                                              (d) Samson Agonistes
30) Who wrote  Tottel's  Miscellany (1587):
(a) Sidney                                                      (b) Donne                  
(c) Drayton                                                    (d) Wyatt
31) Who is the writer of Timon of Athens (Incomplete):
(a) Ben Jonson                                               (b) Kyd                      
(c) Shakespeare                                             (d) Greene 
32) Which of the work is written by John Webster?
(a) The Captives                                       (b) The Duchess of Malfi (1613)
(c) The Shoemaker's Holiday                       (d) Measure for Measure
33) Thomas Hobbes wrote:
(a) Characters                                                (b) Toxophilus                      
(c) Leviathan                                                  (d) Religio Medici 
34) Give thy thoughts no tongue nor any unproportioned thought his act who said these lines:
(a) Hamlet       (b) Macbeth              
(c) Faustus      (d) King Lear
35) Which writer (poet) has written these lines in the poem 'Ode on a Distant prospect of Eton College':
(a) Lord Byron                                              (b) Robert Browning   
(c) William Blake                                           (d) Thomas Gray
36) 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever' forms the opening line of Keat's poem:
(a) Hyperion                                                   (b) Endymion
(c) Lamia                                                       (d) Ode on a Grecian Urn
37) The line 'Tis not too later to seek a newer world' appears in Tennyson's poem:
(a) Tithonus                                                (b) Lotos-Eaters        
(c) Crossing the Bar                                      (d) None
38) Which figure of speech is this:
"And I would that my tongue could utter
The thoughts that arise in me"
(a) Similie                                                       (b) Metaphor                        
(c) Oxymoron                                                 (d) Synechoche 
39) Tell the figure of speech
…….and that strife …………..Was not inglorious, though the event was dire.
(a)Hyperbole                                                  (b) Transferred epithet   
(c) Litotes                                                       (d) Oxymoron 
40) Figure of speech:
That age is best which is the first:
When youth and blood are warmer.
(a) Synecdoche           (b) Apostrophe          (c) Metonymy             (d) Personification
41) Rabindranath Tagore was awarded Nobel Laureate in literature in:
(a) 1916                       (b) 1913                      (c) 1910                       (d) 1911
42) W.B. Yeats was awarded Nobel Laureate in:
(a) 1923                       (b) 1935                      (c) 1921                       (d) 1924
43) Eugene O' Neill was awarded Nobel Laureate in:
(a) 1925                       (b) 1932                      (c) 1935                       (d) 1936
44) Writers and their age:
a) Addison, Joseph    ________________
b) Arnold, Mathew     ________________   
d) Bunyan, John        ________________
e) Carlyle Thomas      ________________
f) Dekker Thomas       ________________
g) Donne, John          ________________
h) Eliot, George          ________________
i) Eliot, T.S.               ________________
j) Galsworthy, John      ________________
45) Which of these writers were awarded the Nobel Prize?
(a) Shaw                     (b) Galsworthy           (c) T.S. Eliot               (d) All of these.
46) What is the real name of George Eliot:
(a) Mary Ann Evans                                       (b) B. Ifor Evans     
(c) Mary Wolstoncraft                                    (d) None
47) Sir Toby Belch is a famous character in:
(a) Much Ado About nothing                         (b) Twelfth Night
(c) The Merchant of Venice                          (d) As you like it
48) Which play was omitted from the First Folio Editors of Shakespeare:
(a)Henry VIII                                                (b) Pericles               
(c) Henry VII                                                (d) Henry VI
49) The first folio edition of Shakespeare was printed in:
(a) 1622                                                           (b) 1621                    
(c) 1623                                                           (d) 1625
50) In 1609, a collection of Shakespeare's sonnets was printed by:
(a) Thomas Thorpe                                      (b) Ben Johnson       
(c) John Shakespeare                                   (d) John Marston
1 b 2 b 3 a 4 a 5 a 6 a 7 a 8 a 9 a 10 a
11 b 12 c 13 a 14 c 15 c 16 c 17 d 18 Freedom of speech 19 The Bible 20 The Spanish Tragedy
21 University Wits 22 a 23 a 24 b 25 b 26 c 27 b 28 a 29 a 30 d
31 c 32 b 33 c 34 a 35 d  36 b 37 d 38 d 39 c 40 c
41 b 42 a 43 d 44 (a)Neo- Classical
(b) Victorian,
(c) Victorian,
(d) Restoration (e) Victorian (f) Elizabethan (g) Elizabethan, (h) Victorian, (i) Inter- War          (j) Edwardian
45  d 46 a 47 b 48 b 49 c 50 a

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