The Bed-Chamber Scene in Othello

 The Bed-Chamber Scene------Othello-----Act-V Scene 1-----Lines 1-165
            This scene can move anybody to tears. The valiant Othello, who is greatly attached to the beautiful, sweet Desdemona, is very cunningly  ensnared  by the most malignant Iago, and smothers her to death.
It is very sad that he believes this wicked villain’s terrible lies, and dares to suspect his beloved wife’s faithfulness. Circumstances too favour the notorious villain, Iago,  and create jealousy in the hero’s heart, resulting in the hasty action of murdering her.
Desdemona is asleep when Othello enters her bedroom. He feels that he has a just cause for putting her to death.                                                        
He is so much attracted by her physical beauty that he kisses her again and again. He knows well that once he takes away her life, he can not give it back. He compares her to the rose, saying that he can not give the rose vital growth, after plucking it from the tree.
He weeps, but he is determined to kill her as he is misled by his misconception due to Iago’s false information.  Innocent  Desdemonana wakes up, and Othello asks her to confess all her sins, and get prepared to die. Desdemona is shocked to see Othello in a state of tension, with his eyes rolling, and asks for the reason. He accuses her of her illegal relationship with Cassio, resulting  in the presentation of her handkerchief,  his own love token for her. Desdemona denies his charges,  and affirms her love for her husband, Othello. She says that she has never loved Cassio more than  God’s limit, and she has never given him any token. Othello does not believe her words, and he smothers her to death. It is very tragic that he does not give her time to say even one prayer, when she pleads for that.
It is too late to prevent the tragedy, when Emilia, Desdemona’s maid and Iago’s wife arrives and proves Desdemona’s innocence. Before she dies, Desdemona informs that she dies a guiltless death, and nobody is responsible for her death. Emilia learns from Othello that he only has murdered her sweet mistress. She calls him a devil for blaming Desdemona who is an angel. When he says that her husband,  ‘honest Iago’  has said that Desdemona has been ‘false to wedlock,’ Emilia curses her husband, saying that his wicked soul will decay if he tells such lies.  She wants to inform everybody that Othello has killed her mistress,  and shouts for help.   

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