The Fancy of a Wearied Lover by Surrey

The Fancy of a Wearied Lover

    Surrey’s poem “The Fancy of a Wearied Lover” tells about the heart ache of worn out lover. He calls love “a fancy”. This fancy to surrey has been an enemy of late it has begun to prey upon his wrong that is love. As he is in love. He is not an ease. Therefore he comes out of the crowd of people afflicted by love.

    He pleases his painful heart by flights of fantasy. He finds faith to be stronger than love. Surrey repents for the wasted in search of his love. He calls the fruition of love a long race, His guide is the plain on which he had wondered in the wrong direction. It had brought Surrey among the hills in base bullyane. He concludes the sonnet by stating that he is now restless to remain there against his will but at the same time Surrey is fully pleased with the anguish that love has caused him.

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