The Sun the Planets And the Stars by C. Jones

The Sun the Planets And the Stars by C. Jones 
 In this Lesson “The Sun, the Planets and the Stars” C.Jones gives a complete study of the Universe.  He describes the solar system.  He also writes about the size, atmosphere and locations of planets. 
He also tells about the formation of various world.
          Our earth is a big one.  Its diameter is 8,000 miles.  Its weight is 6,000 million tones.  The Sun is 1,28,000 times larger than earth.  The earth mores around the Sun.  It is called a planet of the Sun.  The other planets of the sun are Venus, Mercury, Mars and soon.  As the Sun is a Star all Suns are Stars.  These Suns make the planets move around them.  They shine by their light.
          Sun is the source of power.  The heat is the energy of the Sun’s rays.  If there is no sun, the living things have to starve.
          Mercury is nearest to the Sun.  It revolves around the sun in 88 days.  A year of mercury is less than 3 months.  It is very hot.  If man goes there, he would die.
          Venus is similar to earth.  It has a very thick, cloudy atmosphere.  Days on Venus are not hot.  It has seas and Oceans.
          Next to Venus is Earth.  Mars is the red planet, the God of war.  It is half the size of the earth.  Man can do in Mars three times the amount of work he can do in this world.  It is an older planet than the earth.  The atmosphere is very thin.  There are no clouds to hide its Surface.  It is a dry world.  Martians would have lived thousands of years ago.  It has huge sandy deserts.  Mars have two moons.  A Martian day is 24 ½ hours.
          Jupiter is a giant planet.  It is eleven time larger than the earth.  It is a young world.  There is no life in Jupiter.  It is a red hot globe full of vapour.  It has eight moons.
          It takes twelve earth years to revolve around the Sun.
          Saturn is a huge mass of gases and metallic vapours.  It revolves through space in perepetual twilight.  It has rings.  They are considered belts.  They are composed of countless meteorities.  It looks like a halo to Saturn.
          Stars are the brightest ones.  The nearest Star is twenty five millions mile away.  The light travels at 1,86,000 miles per second.  It takes four and one quarter years to travel from the star to earth.  The distance between the earth and the star is counted as light years.  Stars can be seen through a powerful telescope.  There are Suns like green Suns, red Suns, Purple Suns, blue Suns, Orange Suns, and Suns dazzling with whiteness. There are also families of Suns.  So Universe is a miraculous one.

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