Your Commitment to Self-mastery : Kaizen by Robin Sharma

Your Commitment to Self-mastery : Kaizen by Robin Sharma

   Robin Sharma is an expert on leadership and personality development. In the essay, “Your commitment to self-mastery : Kaizen”, he brings out the qualities of a successful person and tells how mind and character of a person can be refined through simple everyday activities.

   “Kaizen” in Japanese means constant and never ending improvement. Kaizen principle has been followed by almost all the successful persons in the world. This shows that whoever applies kaizen principle in their daily activities can certainly be successful.

   Sharma says that our personal mastery is like a bank account. Everyday, by doing exercises. Spending time for reading, and having good relationship with others, we can make regular deposit into our account. Our life gets improved. By sleeping too much worrying too much, eating too much and watching T.V. very much, we make withdrawals. Our life goes down.

   Sharma points out that strong mind is necessary to overcome the problems in life. He says that nothing can stop a person who refuses to be stopped. Problems and difficulties in life, like clouds cover us always and hide us the sun of happiness. But one who conditions his mind and body can go over the clouds and experience the true happiness of life.

   Our mind is like the muscles of the body. To make our mind strong, we must use it and give it a good exercise everyday. Other wise the mind will become weak and allow weak thoughts to enter easily. As a result we become inactive and unsuccessful in life. 

    Good mind avoids bad thoughts easily. When our mind is strong it gives primary importance to good activities and carefully ignores the bad activities. Therefore it is highly important that we must spend one hour daily to give exercise to our mind. Mind exercises include yoga, meditation, contact with nature and self massage. Saying no time for mind exercise is like saying no time to fill petrol while traveling in a car. Hence let us relax our mind and body daily and go high.
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