English literature: useful websites

This page lists useful, free internet resources for English literature. See databases for English literature for a list of key online sources purchased by the University to help you find information in this subject.

Key sites

  • Literary Resources on the Net
    A set of links to resources dealing especially with English and American literature, excluding single texts. Links are limited to collections of information useful to academics. Links are categorised in chronological groupings.
  • Voice of the Shuttle: Literature (in English)
    A large index of Internet resources in the field of English literature and many other subjects, maintained by the University of California.

Guides and tutorials

  • Internet for English
    One of a series of tutorials written for the Intute Virtual Training Suite. This tutorial aims to improve Internet information skills, knowledge of key Internet sites, Internet search skills and critical thinking skills. The links basket option provides a useful listing of sites relevant to English.
  • Evaluating websites: a guide
    Hints on assessing the reliability of information you find on the Internet.
  • The web
    A brief guide to finding information which includes links to the main search engines.

General English-related sites

  • British Academy Portal.
    This includes British Early Modern Languages and Literature to c. 1800 and Modern Languages and Literature from c.1800
    Provides an entry point to available resources for those working in higher education and research. It includes electronic texts, image archives, bibliographies; collections of site pointers, lists of specialised archives; general reference data such as encyclopedias, library directories.
  • First World War Poetry Archive
    Primary and secondary material on First World War poets, including poems, pictures of the poets, diary entries and letters, audio of oral history and podcasts of interviews with academics and contextual photos, video and ephemera.

General repositories of full texts online

In addition to EEBO (Early English Books Online), which is available from campus machines only to members of the University, the following sites provide free access to texts online:
  • Electronic Text Center
    The Electronic Text Center's holdings include approximately 70,000 on- and off-line humanities texts in thirteen languages, with more than 350,000 related images (book illustrations, covers, manuscripts, newspaper pages, page images of Special Collections books, museum objects, etc.).
  • Labyrinth Library
    The best-known medieval metapage.
  • The Online Books Page
    Includes links to more than 12,000 English works freely available online for personal, non-commercial use.
  • The Oxford Text Archive
    Provides access to an extensive collection of high quality electronic texts, reference works and linguistic corpora.
  • Poetry Archives
    Contains over 5,200 poems by more than 150 authors.
  • Renascence editions
    An online repository of works printed in English between the years 1477 and 1799.
  • Treasures in Full
    Selected works from the British Library's collection, including Shakespeare and Chaucer

American literature

  • American Studies
    hypertexts Collection of more than 50 hypertexts relevant to the study of American culture(s).
  • American Memory Collection
    A gateway to rich primary source materials relating to the history and culture of the United States. The site offers more than 7 million digital items from more than 100 historical collections.

Children's literature

  • Children's and Young Adult Literature and Culture Links
    Maintained by the Children's Literature Association, this list of links includes useful sites about various themes within children's literature as well as conference papers, articles and links to other Associations concerned with writing for children and young people.

Early modern texts

  • Early Stuart Libels
    An online repository of over 350 early seventeenth-century political poetry from manuscript sources, many previously unpublished.

Secondary criticism

  • IPL: Literary Criticism
    Produced by the University of Michigan, this site provides links to an assortment of criticism available on the web, much of it reproduced from older printed sources, some of which are not held at the University of Reading.
  • Luminarium
    Articles and essays about authors and their works are included in this anthology of medieval, renaissance and 17th century English literature.

Victorian literature and culture

  • Victoriana on the web
    This site provides links to a wide range of useful sources, including links to archive catalogues, bibliographies, online texts and sites about women's writing.

Organisations & institutions

Please note: our site descriptions are based on information available on the site described at the time it was evaluated.


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