Manonmaniam Sundaranar University Tirunelveli, B.A. English Literature. VI Semester Syllabus

Semester VI
Core IX - Shakespeare
Unit I
1. Shakespeare‘s stage and Audience
2. Shakespearean comedy
3. Shakespearean Tragedy
4. Shakespeare‘s historical plays
5. Last plays of Shakespeare
6. Shakespeare‘s Sonnets
Unit II
Unit III
Unit IV
Unit V
Core X
Contemporary Literature
Unit I
Post War and Postmodern Literaturefrom Sanders, Andrew. Short Oxford History of English literature 3rd ed
Unit II Poetry
Philip Larkin The Whitsun Weddings
Ted Hughes Thought Fox, Hawk roosting
Andrew Motion Better Life, The Dog of the Light Brigade
Carol Ann Duffy Mrs. Lazarus, Circe
Unit III Fiction
Kinsley Amis Lucky Jim
Unit IV Fiction
Yann Martel Life of Pi
Unit V Drama
Bertolt Brecht Mother Courage and Her Children
Core XI
Literary Criticism and Theory
Unit I
The moral Approach : Literature and Moral Ideas T.S.
Eliot – Religion and Literature
Unit II
The Psychological approach: Literature and Psychological Theory
The Myth in Jane Austen – Geoffrey Gorer
Unit III
The sociological approach: Literature and Social Ideals
Joseph wood Krutch ―The Tragic Fallacy‖
Unit IV
The Formalistic approach: Literature as Aesthetic Structure
Cleanth Brooks: Keats‘s Sylvan Historic : History without footnotes
Unit V :
The Archetypal approach: Literature in the Light of myth Gilbert Murray Hamlet
and Orestes‘
Text – Five Approaches of Literary Criticism, Wilbur Scott
Core XII
Regional Literature in Translation
Unit I
Chapter 4 – The Power of Virtue
Chapter 7 – The Wealth of Children
Chapter 9 – Hospitality
Chapter 11 – Gratitude
Chapter 13 – Self Control / Restraint
Unit II
Raj Gauthaman : Dalit Culture
Lovely Stephen: Dalit Women: The Problem of Self Emancipation
No Alphabet in Sight: New Dalit Writing from South India ed : K. Satyanarayana
Unit III
Bama :Karukku
M. Mukundan : Dance
Unit IV
GirishKarnad :Yayati
Unit V
Short Stories from SundaraRamaswamy‘s Waves
Elective 1
UNIT I Poetry
David Diop Africa
Wole Soyinka Telephonic Conversation
John Pepper Clark Night Rain
Chinua Achebe Refugee Mother and Child
Noemia De Sousa If you want to know me
UNIT II Poetry
Bernard Dade I thank you God
Dennis Brutus You Laughed and Laughed and Laughed
Gabriel Okara Once upon a Time
David Rubadiri A Negro Labourer in Liverpool
Wole Soyinka Death and the King‘s Horseman
UNIT IV Fiction
Chinua Achebe Things Fall Apart
UNIT V Non-Fictional Prose
Achebe The Novelist as Teacher
Ben Okri Incident at the Shrine
Text Prescribed : An Anthology of Commonwealth PoetryEd. C.D. Narisimhaiah
Elective 2
Journalism and Mass Communication
Unit I             
What is Communication
Forms of Communication
Mass Communication
The power of Mass Media
Mass Media Culture and Function of Mass media
Unit II
A Short History of Indian Journalism
Theories of Press/Media
The role of the press
Freedom of the press
Press codes and ethics
Unit III
Print Media
News and News Values
The Making of a Newspaper
Kinds and Sources of News, News Agencies
Five ‗W‘s and ‗H‘
Unit IV
Radio, Television and Films
Types of Radio programmes
Types of TV programmes
Types of Films
Plot , Scriptwriting, Direction
Unit V
Digital Media
Introducing the digital media/ Internet
Citizen Journalism – Blogs, Social Networking Sites
Creation of Websites and Blogs
Texts for Reference : Mass Communication in India : Keval . J. Kumar

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