Summary of The Bishops Candlesticks by Norman Mickinnell

    The Bishop’s Candlesticks is a beautiful one act play. One act play is very short. It has limited characters. The Bishop’s Candlesticks is very interesting. The hero is a Bishop. He is very generous. He is a good human being. He is kind. He helps poor people. He has a sister. Her name is Persome. She is not generous. She is a miser. She opposes her brother’s generous action. The Bishop is selfless. But his sister is very selfish.
      The Bishop helps an old lady. The old lady is very poor. She is not able to pay her rent. The Bishop helps her. His sister is angry (livid) for this action. A stranger (unknown person) comes to the Bishop’s home. The stranger is a thief. The Bishop is very kind to the thief. He gives him food. But the thief steals the Bishop’s candlesticks. The police catch the thief. They bring him to the Bishop’s home. The Bishop tells a lie. He says that the thief is his friend. He has given the candlesticks as a gift. He saves the thief. He forgives the thief.
      The Bishop gives the candlesticks to the thief. The thief is happy. He thanks the Bishop. He promises to be a good human being. Thus, The Bishop’s Candlesticks is a beautiful one act play. The Bishop is kind. He serves God by helping the poor. He even forgives the thief.

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