Summary of Lucy Gray by William Wordsworth.

         Lucy Gray is a poem by William Wordsworth. William Wordsworth was a famous nature poet. He was born in 1770. He was made the poet laureate in 1843. His important works are Upon Westminster Bridge and The Recluse. He died in 1850. A little girl is the heroine of the poem "Lucy Gray". Her name is Lucy Gray. She is very charming. She is very cute. She is very obedient to her parents. She is very affectionate towards her parents. One day, Lucy's father gives her a work. Her mother has gone out for work. Lucy's father is expecting a storm. He is concerned about his wife's safety. The storm is expected in the evening. Her father gives her a lantern. He asks Lucy to bring her mother. Lucy obeys her father. She agrees to go. She does not think about her safety. The storm arrives early. The mother returns home. But Lucy loses her way. She roams here and there. She does not know the way to go to her home. Finally, she is lost. She does not know the way to her home.
        Lucy’s father and mother search for Lucy. They cannot find her. They search everywhere. In one place, they find Lucy’s footsteps. They follow the footsteps. But they cannot find Lucy. The parents believe that Lucy is still alive. They hear her song in the air. They are hopeful. Thus “Lucy Gray” is a beautiful poem. It is very touching.

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