Summary of Refund by Fritz Karinthy

       Refund is a beautiful one act play written by Fritz Karinthy. The story is unusual. It is quite interesting and humorous. A young man comes back to his school and asks for the refund of his fees. The principal is shocked. He is livid. However (But), the Maths teacher proposes a solution. Each teacher will ask the young man two questions. One question will be easy and another question will be hard. The young man decides to answer all the questions incorrectly. The teachers conduct the quiz. The Biology teacher, the English teacher, Physics teacher and the Chemistry teacher ask two questions. The young man tricks them. He answers all the questions incorrectly. The principal is devastated. However, the young man is very happy (glad). He is confident. He is very sure that he will win the contest.
      The Maths teacher consoles the principal. She says that she can manage the situation. She asks her first question to the young man. It is an easy question. To this question, the young man says 28 apricots as the answer. There is tension in the air. The Maths teacher tells that it is the wrong answer. The right answer is 27 apricots. The young man is delighted (happy). The principal is upset. The maths teacher says that the young man has won the contest. She says that the school will refund the money. The maths teacher asks how much the school needs to pay. The young man starts to calculate. He gives his answer. The maths teacher also calculates. She says that it is the right answer. She also says that it is her second question. The young man is jolted (shocked).
      The young man is tricked by the Maths teacher. He is disappointed. He is mocked by all the teachers. Thus, Refund is a very interesting one act play.

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  1. I think this summary has been written without reading the text well. Most of the information are wrong.

  2. This is not perfect story ... Most of the information is wrong is not useful for.....