Summary of The Tiger in the Tunnel by Ruskin Bond

      "The Tiger in the Tunnel" is a beautiful short story. It was written by Ruskin Bond. It talks about the bravery of a railway watchman. The hero is Baldeo. The short story is about Baldeo's encounter with a tiger. The story is very thrilling. Baldeo is a middle aged man. He lives with his wife and children. He has a small farm. He gets a small (little_ income from this farm. But this income is not enough. He gets a job in the railways. He is given the job of a watchman. He is very happy. He immediately takes up the job. He considers it to be a blessing.
      His job is to check a tunnel. He has to give a signal to the train. The train has to slow near a turning and then enter a tunnel. Baldeo has to make sure that this tunnel is free from any obstacles. Baldeo is very sincere. He enjoys his job. One morning, he wakes up early. He decides to go to the tunnel. His son Thembu is still asleep. Thembu also wants to come with his father. But Baldeo does not disturb Thembu. He alone goes to the tunnel.

Baldeo's encounter with the Tiger

       Baldeo reaches the tunnel. He hears a strange sound. He is slightly scared. He lights up the lamp. He realises that it is the sound of a tiger. He knows that the tiger is a man eater. He cannot run away because the tiger can run very fast.

Baldeo’s Demise (Death)

      Baldeo is without any weapons. The tiger is very angry. It tears Baldeo. It kills Baldeo. The sound of the train is heard. The tiger wants to run. But it can't run fast. Its leg is wounded. The train finishes off the tiger. The engine driver stops in the next station. He sees the dead body of the tiger. He is shocked. He guesses what has happened. Thembu wakes up. He goes in search of his father. He finds his father's body. He is shattered. In the next week, he is given the same job given to his father. He is very proud of his father. He carries with him his father's sword. Thus, "The Tiger in the Tunnel" is a beautiful short story. It is very thrilling. Baldeo is a true hero. He is a real role model for his son.

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  2. the summary is wrong baldeo was not unarmed he had his ace with him