My Financial Career by Stephen Leacock

My Financial Career by Stephen Leacock
      Stephen Leacock is a Canadian writer. In his essay, “My Financial Career,” he humorously presents a person’s first experience in the bank.  He amuses the readers by exposing the narrator’s tension and stupid actions inside the bank.
There is much fun and laughter when the narrator makes a clown of himself through his words and behaviour. Finally, he withdraws the amount he has deposited, and leaves the bank in a hurry, as the bank echoes the roaring laughter of the clerks.
            The narrator’s salary has been increased by fifty dollars each month and he wants to deposit the extra money in the bank. When he enters the bank, the sight of the clerks and the wickets make him nervous. He does not understand what he is talking or doing. He asks a clerk if he can see the manager “alone.” Then at the sight of the manager, he again asks if he can see him “alone.” The word “alone” alarms the manager who thinks that the narrator is a detective. The narrator says that he is not a detective, but he has intended to keep all his money in the bank. Then the manager thinks that the narrator is a millionaire like Rothchild or Gould. The narrator reveals that he has planned to deposit fifty dollars a month in the bank.
            The manager becomes very impatient and directs him to a clerk namely, Montgomery. In his tension, the narrator enters into an iron safe, mistaking it for the door. The manager orders him to come out. Thus the narrator makes a fool of himself. With difficulty, he deposits fifty six dollars in the bank. Then he wants to withdraw sjx dollars for his present use. He takes the cheque and writes “fjfty six” instead of “six.” The clerk is surprised and asks if he really wants to withdraw  the money he has deposited. To hide his foolish mistake, the narrator pretends that somebody has insulted him in the bank and he has decided to take away all his money back. He gets back the money and rushes out of the bank. Everyone  in the bank laughs at him.

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