Tolerence by E.M.Forster

Tolerence by E.M.Forster
          In this “Tolerence” E.M. Forster advocates the virtue of tolerance to be practiced by everyone for the good of the whole world.

          A sound state of mind is needed for any construction and reconstruction.  E.M. Forster uses a verse from the Bible for this.  “Except the Lord build the house they labour in vain who built in”.  Any activity should be inspired by proper spirit.  When we try to explain what proper spirit is, our answer is mostly ‘Love’.  We think that If men love one another all the problems will be checked.
          E.M. Forster disagrees that ‘Love’ can solve problems.  He says that in private life love may be powerful but in public affair what is mostly needed is Tolerence.  It is a dull virtue.  It merely means putting up with people, being able to stand things.  This is the state of mind which we are looking for.
          E.M. Forster believes that on the basis of tolerance a civilized future may be built.  He does not regard as a divine principle.  But it is the most suitable quality needed for the present crowded world.  He concludes the essay with a remark that tolerance is not the same thing as weakness.

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