The Bailiff’s Daughter of Islington by Anonymous

The Bailiff’s Daughter of Islington by Anonymous  
                This love poem, describing the true love between a squire’s son and a bailiff’s daughter must have been written in Chaucer’s time.. Both the squire’s son and the bailiff’s daughter lived in Islington.
The bailiff’s daughter was very shy, and she neither believed that the squire’s son loved her nor showed her face to him. The friends of the squire’s son understood his fond and foolish mind, and sent him to London. Though he was there for seven long years, he never forgot his lady love.
                 In the same way, the bailiff’s daughter was always thinking about her lover. When all the maids of Islington went to play, the bailiff’s daughter went secretly to London in search of her lover. She put on ragged clothes, and went along the road in London when the weather was hot and dry. Fortunately, she saw her lover, riding on a horse along the road. Though she recognized him, he did not identify her. She asked him for a penny, and he asked her about her native place. When she said that she was from Islington, he enquired her if she knew the bailiff’s daughter of Islington.
            To test his love for her, the bailiff’s daughter told that she was dead. Hearing that, the squire’s son was shocked, and said that he would sell his fine horse, his saddle and his bow and go to some far country where nobody knew him. Realizing his true love for her, the bailiff’s daughter revealed that his lady love was not dead, but she was alive, standing near him. She also expressed his readiness to be his bride. Immediately, the squire’s son was filled with great joy to see his sweet heart, and all his sorrows disappeared.

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