The Last Letter to Indira by Jawharlal Nehru

The Last Letter to Indira by Jawharlal Nehru 
 Jawaharlal Nehru wrote “The last letter to Indira” from Dehra Dun prison in 1933.  He shares his ideas to Indira Gandhi through this letter.  He wants his people to learn from their historic past and contribute to the future.

          Nehru does not find his days in prison very difficult.  On the contrary, he makes use of his days to write many books as John Bunyan and Cervantes did.
          Nehru says that we should read history with sympathy.  Then only it would reveal great many things to us.  We can not judge the past from the standards of the present.  But we can judge the present by the standards of the past.
          Nehru further says that the past brings us many gifts.  He is of the opining that every thing that we have at present has come from the past as gift.  Therefore we must give due acknowledgement to the past.  We must learn the truth from the past and think of developing a good future.
          Nehru feels that our age is an age of disillusion and of doubt and questioning.  We always search for new ways.  Sometimes the injustice, the unhappiness, the brutality of the world oppress us.  We feel that there is no hope in this world.  But history teaches us growth and progress.
          Escaping from the unhappiness of others and caring little for what happens to others is no sign of courage.  Thought must lead to action.  People avoid action because it involves risk and danger.  Danger seams terrible from a distance.  When the danger is overcome we feel the joy of life.  Nehru appeals to everyone with a quote from Tagore’s Gitanjali
          ‘Where the mind is without fear and the Head is held high”.

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