The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost  
          Robert frost is an American poet who is noted for his complex, social and political themes. According to him, a poem should begin with delight and end with wisdom. All his poems are interesting and instructive.

            The poem, “The Road Not Taken”, describes the tough choices before people while traveling the road of life. Their future depends on the choices made by them, but the choices are not very easy or smooth. Sometimes, they can be very confusing and complicated.
            A traveller comes to a point in a yellow wood where two roads diverge, and he has to decide one way for his travel. He is sorry that he can’t travel on both the roads. Both look very nice, as he stands for a long time, watching the roads. The only difference between them is that the second one is grassy and “less traveled.”
            After much thought, the poet chooses the second road as it has “better claim”. He knows well that once he makes his choice, he can’t return to the first road. He feels that after many years, he will tell the others with a sigh that he has chosen the less travelled  road and that has made all the difference in his life .  Perhaps the word “sigh” denotes the traveller’s  regret for his choice after a long time

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