How to Crack NET English Literature?

As a Beginning my suggestions for Paper II and III are as follows,
1. Stick to the basics: "You would have heard this when Sreesanth experiments too much and gives away runs". Have you ever read a History Book of English  Literature ? If yes Have you ever taken small notes? Can you locate an author and his major
works and the period in which he lived? If not start STUDYING immediately. I would suggest A History of English Literature by Arthur Compton-Rickett It is heavy but definitely worth reading. I like it because it has a special chapter on American Literature.
If you are too busy to read it please read English Literature: Its History and Significance by Long.  I like this book because it has got a lot of questions at the end of each chapters.  

Secondly, we come to the the most important book, which helps to score marks in Paper II and Paper III. It is  most familiar to you and you will have a copy of it. It is none other than A Glossary of Literary Terms by M.H. AbramsThis is not a reference book but a study book for NET aspirants.
Finally, before concluding this I would like you to study three more books. They are 
These are the FOUNDATION for preparing this exam. Believe me. They are not the end. But if you are looking for a direction this will help you as a sign post. I have cleared by studying this. I have also helped many of my friends to clear NET with my advice and guidance. 

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