1.         Discussion Method can be used when :
(A) The topic is very difficult                              (B)      The topic is easy
(C) The topic is difficult                                        (D) All the above

2.         Which of the following is a teaching aid ?
(A) Working Model of Wind Mill                      (B)      Tape Recorder
(C)      16 mm Film Projector                                (D) All the above

3.         The main aim of teaching is :
(A) To develop only reasoning                            (B)      To develop only thinking
(C) Both (A) and (B)                                              (D) To give information

4.          The quality of teaching is reflected :
(A) By the attendance of students in the class
(B)       By the pass percentage of students
(C) By the quality of questions asked by students
(D) By the duration of silence maintained in the class

5.         The present annual examination system :
(A) promotes rote learning
(B)      does not promote good study habits
(C) does not encourage students to be regular in class
(D) All the above

6.         A college wants to give training in use of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS)
to researchers. For this the college should organise :
(A) Conference                                                         (B)      Seminar
(C) Workshop                                                            (D) Lecture

7.         Which of the following is NOT the characteristic of a research ?
(A) Research is systematic                                  (B)      Research is not a process
(C) Research is problem oriented                      (D) Research is not passive
8.         Which of the following statement is correct ?
(A) Discoveries are researches
(B) Researches lead to discovery
(C) Invention and Research are related
(D) None of the above

9.         Which of the following statement is correct ?
(A) In research, objectives can be worded in question form
(B) In research, objectives can be worded in statement form
(C) Objectives are to be stated in Chapter I of the Thesis
(D) All the above

10.       Match List A with List B and choose the correct answer from the code given below :
List A                                                                      List B
(a)        Historical Method                                            (i)         Past events
(b)       Survey Method                                                (ii)        Vision
(c)        Philosophical Method                                     (iii)       Present events
(d)       Experimental Method                                      (iv)      Exceptional cases
(v)       Future action
Code :
(a)             (b)              (c)              (d)
(A)         (i)            (iii)              (ii)              (v)
(B)         (i)             (ii)              (iv)              (v)
(C)          (i)            (iv)              (ii)              (v)
(D)          (i)             (ii)              (iii)             (iv)

Read the following passage and answer the question numbers 11 to 15.
Each day at the Shantiniketan School starts with the Saraswati Vandana. When painting competitions are held in the school, images of Hindu gods and goddesses are
most common. Sanskrit is a favourite subject of many a student. Nothing new about it  except that the 1,200 - odd students studying in the Hindu - run school are Muslims.
In 1983, when Ranchodbhai Kiri started Shantiniketan in the all - Muslim Juhapura area of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, only 20 percent of the students were Muslims. But when riots involving the Muslims of Juhapura and the Hindus of nearby Jivrajpark - Vejalpur affected the locality, Hindus started migrating. Today, all the students are Muslims and the school is an unparalled example of harmony. In the 2002, when a section of inflamed Muslims wanted the school closed, the parents of the students stood like a wall behind it.

                                         Shantiniketan's principal says, "We never thought of moving the school out of the area because of  the love and affection of the local Muslims. Indeed they value thehigh standard of education which we have set." Such is the reputation of the school that some of the local Muslim strongmen accused of involvement in communal riots are willing to protect the school during the riots
The parents of Shantiniketan's students believe that it's the best school when it comes to the quality of the teaching. A large number of students have gone for both graduation and post graduation studies. Significantly, the only Muslim teacher in the 40 - member teaching staff, Husena Mansuri, teaches Sanskrit. Infact, she is so happy at the school that she recently declined the principalship of another Muslim - run school.
Some of the students' entries in a recent school painting competition mere truly moving. One drew a pciture of Bharat Mata with a mosque and temple, while another portrayed a boy tying rakhi to his sister. Trully, Shantiniketan is a beacon of hope that, despite the provocations from both communities, Hindus and Muslims can live side-by-side with mutual respect.

11.      How the Shantiniketan school starts the day ?
(A) National anthem                                               (B)      Prayer
(C) Saraswati Vandana                                          (D) Puja

12.      Write the subject which is preferred by most of the students
(A) Hindi                                                                     (B)      English
(C) Sanskrit                                                                (D) Gujarati

13.      Who protects the school during the riot times ?
(A) Local Muslims                                                  (B)      Hindus
(C) Politicians                                                            (D) Christians

14.      Who is the teacher of Sanskrit ?
(A) Ranchodbhai Kiri                                             (B)      Manisha Vakil
(C) Husena Mansuri                                                (D) Husena Khatoon

15.      What is the hope despite the communal riots ?
(A) Hindus and Muslims cannot live side by side
(B) Hindus and Muslims can live side by side
(C) Only Hindus can live
(D) Only Muslims can live

16.      Match List I with List II and choose the correct answer using the codes given below :
List I                                                                List II
(Distinguished Ladies)                                           (Area of work)
(a)       Jhumpa Lahiri                                               (i)     Journalist
(b)       Barkha Dutt                                                    (ii)      Novel Writing
(c)       Aparna Sen                                                     (iii)     Film Actress
(d)       Smita Patil                                                      (iv) Film Director
Code :
(a)            (b)             (c)             (d)
(A)       (iv)           (iii)            (ii)             (i)
(B)       (ii)            (i)             (iv)            (iii)
(C)       (iv)            (i)             (iii)            (ii)
(D)        (ii)       (iii)       (iv)             (1)
17.      Which of the following pair is not correctly matched ?
(A) Aajtaak - 24 hours news channel                                        (B)      F.M. Stations - Radio
(C) National Geography channel - Television                        (D) Vir Sanghvi - India Today

18.      Which is the oldest soap opera telecasted in India ?
(A) Kahani Ghar Ghar Ke                                    (B)      Buniad
(C) Humlog                                             (D) Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu Thee

19.      Which satellite channel uses the adline, "Knowing is everything" ?
(A) BBC World                                      (B)   Star
(C) Sony                                                  (D) Zee

20.      Which is the "First made in India" Kids channel of television ?
(A) Cartoon Network                                                                                   (B)      Walt Disney
(C) United Home Entertainment's Hungama TV                              (D) Nick Jr.

21.      The letters in the first set have certain relationships. On the basis of the relationship
which is the right choice for the second set ?
(A) JK                                                                          (B)      QW
(C) VW                                                    (D) RQ

(Explanation B to G = +5     G to L = +5 alphabets  hence using same relationship
from L + 5 = Q and P +5 = W)

22.      If the BLOOD is coded as 24113 and BRUST as 20678, then code for ROBUST is :
(A)     620781                                                              (B)      012678
(C)   678102                                            (D)   610732

       (Explanation R = 0 , O= 1

23.       A bag contains an equal number of one rupee, 50 paise and 25 paise coins. If the total
amount in the bag is Rs. 35, how many coins of each type are there ?
(A)      15                                                                        (B)       18
(C)   20                                                     (D)   25

24.      Answer is  D
25.       If A stands for 5 , B for 6, C for 7, D for 8, and so on, what do the following numbers
stand for :
22, 25, 8, 22 and 5 ?
(A) PRIYA                                                                     (B)       NEEMA
(C) MEENA                                                                   (D) RUDRA

26.       Which of the following statements are always true ?
(a)        A wooden table is a table
(b)       Now, it is raining or not raining
(c)        The sun rises in the East every day
(d)       A chicken comes out of a hen's egg
Choose the correct answer from the code given below
Code :
(A)       (a) and (c)                                                          (B)       (a),   (c) and (d)
(C)       (a) and (b)                                                         (D)       (b) and (c)

27.       Which of the following statements are mutually inconsistent ?
(a)        Mostly poets are not egoistic
(b)       Mostly poets are humble
(c)        Some poets are egoistic
(d)       Some poets are not non - egoistic
Choose the correct answer from the code given below :
Code :
(A)       (a) and (d)                                                         (B)       (b) and (c)
(C)       (a) and (c)                                                          (D)       (c) and (d)

28.       Which of the following statements is/are absolutely impossible ?
(a)        A woman giving birth to her own grandchild
(b)       A man attending his own funeral
(c)        The Sun not rising in the East some day
(d)        Cars running without petrol
Choose the correct answer from the code given below :
Code :
(A)       (a) and (b)                                                         (B)       (c) and (d)
(C)    (b)                                                    (D)   (a)
29.       Which of the following are incorrect ways of arguing ?
(a)        If horses are cows, and if cows are sheep, then all horses must be sheep.
(b)       If top actors are famous, and Shah Rukh Khan is famous, then Shah Rukh Khan
is a top actor
(c)        Lata is the second sister of Raju, hence Raju is the second brother of Lata
(d)       A is not equal to B, but B is equal to C, hence A is equal to C.
Choose the correct answer from the code given below
Code :
(A)       (a),   (b) and (c)                                                 (B)       (a),   (c) and (d)
(C)    (b),   (c) and (d)                                (D)   (a),   (b) and (d)

30.       Which of the following statements say the same thing ?
(a)        "I am clever" (said by Rama)
(b)        "I am clever" (said by Raju)
(c)        "My son is clever" (said by Rama's father)
(d)        "My brother is clever" (said by Rama's sister)
(e)        "My brother is clever" (said by Rama's only sister)
(f)         "My sole enemy is clever" (said by Rama's only enemy)
Choose the correct answer from the code given below :
Code :
(A)       (a),   (c),   (d),   (e) and (f)                                (B)       (a) and (b)
(C)       (d) and (e)                                                         (D)       (a) and (f)

31.       In which year was the sale of 'Pep - up' the maximum ?
(A)    1990                                                  (B)    1992
(C)    1993                                                  (D) None of the above

32.      In the case of which soft drink was the average annual sale maximum during the
period 1988 - 1993.
(A) Pep - up only                                   (B)   Cool - sip only
(C) Cool - sip and Dew - drop                             (D) Pep - up and Dew - drop

33.       What was the approximate percent drop in the sale of Pep - up in 1990 over its sale in
1989 ?
(A)      5                                                                          (B)       12
(C)       14                                                                        (D)       20

34.      The "Report on Currency and Finance" for each of the financial year in India is published
by :
(A) Reserve Bank of India                                   (B)      Ministry of Finance
(C) Planning Commission                                     (D) Central Statistical Organisation

35.       The number of students in two classes A and B and the respective "mean" of the marks
obtained by each of the class are given in the following table :
Class A                        Class B
Number of Students                         20                                  80
Arithmatic Mean                              10                                  20
The combined "mean" of the marks of the two classes will be :
(A)      18                                                                        (B)       15
(C)   10                                                     (D)   20

36.    ICT stands for :
(A)      International Communication Technology
(B)       Intera Common Terminology
(C)       Information and Communication Technology
(D)       Inter connected Terminals

37.       Which of the following statement is NOT correct ?
(A)       Computer is capable of processing only digital signal
(B)       Computer is capable of analysing both quantitative and qualitative data
(C)       Appropriate software is required for processing the data
(D)       Computer is capable of processing digital as well as analog signals

38.       Which of the following is the appropriate definition of Information Technology ?
(A) Information Technology refers to the use of hardware and software for processing
(B)       Information Technology refers to the use of hardware and software for distribution
of useful information
(C) Information Technology refers to the use of hardware and software for storage,
retrieval, processing and distributing information of many kinds.
(D) Information Technology refers to the use of principles of Physical sciences and
Social sciences for processing of information of many kinds.

39.      Which of the following statement is correct ?
(A) Virus improves the speed of processing information through computer
(B)      Internet does not allow the virus to spread
(C) Virus is a part of software
(D) Virus is an operating system

40.       Which of the following is correct statement ?
(A) Computers can be used for diagnosing the difficulty of a student in learning a
(B)      Psychological testing can be done with the help of computer provided a software
is available
(C) A set of instructions is called a programme
(D) All the above

41.       Global warning during winter becomes more pronounced at the :
(A) Equator                                                                 (B)      Poles
(C) Tropic of Cancer                                              (D) Tropic of Capricorn

42.       In the study of man - environment interaction, the statement of Miss Semple that
"the humans are solely the product of their environment", is :
(A) An opinion                                                          (B)      A prejudice
(C) A fact                                                                    (D) A widely accepted phenomenon

43.       In analysis of man - environment relationship Pragmatic Possibilism implies that :
(A) There is no limit for man to exploit resources of earth
(B)       There are limited possibilities to explore earth's resources
(C) The man has to watch and assess the situation and then go ahead with resource
(D) The man has to keep in mind only his basic needs while planning to harness the
potential of resourceful earth

44.        Arrange Column II in proper sequence so as to match it with Column I and choose the
correct answer from the code given below :
Column I                                                                       Column II
Activity                                                                       Noise level
(a)        Hearing                                                              (i)         30 dB
(b)       Whispering                                                       (ii)        1 dB
(c)        Interference with sleep                                    (iii)       60 dB
(d)     Normal talk                                        (iv)    30 - 50 dB
Code :
(a)             (b)              (c)              (d)
(A)         (i)             (ii)              (iii)             (iv)
(B)         (ii)              (i)              (iv)             (iii)
(C)        (iv)            (ii)             (iii)               (i)
(D)        (iii)             (i)              (ii)              (iv)
45.        The maximum loss of forest lands in India is caused by :
(A) River valley projects                                             (B)       Industries
(C) Means of transportation                                       (D) Agriculture

46.        In which year the University Grants Commission was established ?
(A)      1948                                                                    (B)       1944
(C)   1953                                                (D)   1960

47.        Another name of Basic Education or Nai Talim is :
(A) Compulsory Education                                         (B)       New Education Policy
(C) Wardha Education Plan                                        (D) Sarva Shikshya Abhiyan

48.        The Idea of 'Democratic Decentralisation' in India was popularised by :
(A) A.D. Gorwala Committee, 1951             (B)   Paul H. Appleby Committee, 1953
(C) B.R. Mehta Committee, 1957       (D) Ashok Mehta Committee, 1978

49.        In India, a political party is recognised as a National or Regional Party by the :
(A) President of India
(B)Election Commission of India
(C) Law ministry in consultation with the Law Commission of India
(D) Union Parliament in consultation with the State Legislatures

50.      Which of the following factors is/are responsible for the increase of the role                                  of
Government in Developing Countries ?
(a)       Economic Planning                         (b)       Rising expectation of People
(c)       Privatisation                                       (d)       Emergence of the concept of Welfare State
Select the most appropriate answer from the code given below
Code :
(A)      (a) and (d)                                                       (B)      (a),   (b) and (d)
(C) Only (c)                                            (D) Only (d)


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