Summary of Rabindranath Tagore's Gitanjali

     The First stanza starts mentioning the grace of God to a human being. Tagore considers the human body as a frail vessel, God intermittently repairs it's damaged and fills up it with fresh life. God is all master of Human being, he takes care of his subjects and solves all of their problems. In that way, man is made endless withe the pleasure from God.

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   The second stanza says God is a great flute player or a musician and the poet is considered to a flute. The breath paid through the flute comes as a melody and it is eternally new, it lasts forever. Tagore might have considered the poet as a flute and the poem comes out of his mouth as an eternal melody which is new forever. Poet reaches in unspeakable about the characteristic of God. Every touch from God touches a poet‘s heart, this fills his heart with overjoy and makes him in a state of pleasure extreme to be expressed. Tagore says God‘s infinite gifts comes only to him, to his little hands. God will save me, protect me, bless me. I will be the same person even when the ages pass. My special room is my heart to store all your blessings. God continues to pour his blessings to rooms of his hearts, but still, there is room to fill. God is omnipotent and omnipresent.

    The beginning lines express the poet‘s admiration for God. Tagore tells God is with the poorest and the lowliest and the lost people. Poet asks where are you, what is your role, now I‘m going to offer my life and bend down on your footstool. Poet is living among the common people where he can see God. Here, the poet may be trying to explain that we can find God through the poorest, lowliest and the lost people. God won‘t leave them but definitely will help. Like a king rest his feet on a footstool, here poets tell God‘s footstool is the poor men themselves, He rests his feet among them.

      In the second stanza, Tagore how deep-rooted the relationship of God with the poorest people. When the poet tries to bow down before God, his obeisance cannot reach down to the depth where God‘s feet rest among the lost people. That much deeper is God‘s touch on the common people. People with ego can never reach God. The God has worn the cloths of humbleness, and he walks among the poorest, and lowliest, and lost. Poets service is to offer his life to God, the poet is not ready to suffer as all the poets with a peaceful life. Simply remove the ego and get purified, then come to God. He never loves egoist men.

      Poet is on search, he can‘t take rest in his life. He wants God always with him otherwise his life will become meaningless. In this last stanza, the poet feels so confused. He can‘t find a way to reach God, because God is with the poorest people. This makes him fear, he feels without His presence he can‘t lead a meaningful life. The major theme in Gitanjali is devotion to God. This paper focuses on the Indian philosophical aspects and the theme of devotion in Rabindranath Tagore's Gitanjali. Gitanjali focuses on the all-pervading presence of God everywhere Gitanjali brings its readers into direct contact with the Infinite.

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