Tree Speaks by Rajagopalachari

Tree Speaks by Rajagopalachari
            C.  Rajagopalachari was a renowned statesman as well as a man of letters.  He was a devoted follower of Gandhi.  He has interpreted the ancient Indian epics in very simple language.

            The essay ‘Tree Speaks’ advocates the love of Nature.  The author was the narrator and he narrated his experience with Ray Johnson.  They both worked in Salem.  Ray Johnson was a medical officer and he was a lawyer.
            One day he went to Johnson’s home to greet him for his promotion.  But he was informed by his wife that he had gone out to visit his friends, the trees.
            The doctor had a habit of talking to the trees on the roadside.  He had a liking to kiss the trees and whisper to them kind words.  It was very beautiful to see in this haughty world.
            One day the doctor told him that his tall and beautiful girl was killed by the people.  Un fortunately it was rooted near the District Board office building.  So the engineers advised against the thee putting out its roots and destroying the foundation of the building.  The colonel felt for the tree because it had been growing there forty years before the building came.  The building was constructed there only the previous year.  The author was impressed by the colonel’s feelings.
            Hindus believed that every tree had life and soul like human beings.  Next day the author went to see the fallen tree.  He sat down on the branches and thought deeply.  He heard the soft tunes of a flute.  It was a sad song.  Suddenly he said to himself it was the spirit of the tree singing.
            That night the author had a strange dream.  The tree spoke to him and urged him to take up its cause.  It told its old story.  Once it was a young Aswaltha sapling and was worshipped by Subbayyar and his family.  Those were the good days for the tree.
            The author woke up suddenly.  He made up his mind to write a strong letter to the press about the folly of felling trees.  The letter appeared in the Madras mail.
            The members of the Bar were amused.  One of them was angry with the author becaue he was not serious about the Home rule.  The president of the Bar got angry and he left the place.  The author took part in all the public agitations but he did not regret writing about the pipal tree.

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