Summary of Never Never Nest by Cedric Mount

    Never Never Nest is a one act play. This comedy is very relevant today. Today people buy most things in installments. The playwright satirises people’s addiction for buying things in instalments. This one act play is interesting. It is humorous. It talks about a young couple. It talks about the 'buy now pay later' marketing concept (strategy). Jack is the hero. His wife is Jill. They are newly married. They have a small baby. Jack works in an office. Jill is a homemaker. Jack wants to live a luxurious life. Aunt Jane's Visit Aunt Jane visits the house of Jil and Jack. The house of Jil and Jack is well furnished. Jane is shocked. For the marriage of Jil and Jack, she gave 10 pounds as a gift. But the house is very grand. Jack's salary is very low. But his house is beautiful. Jack and Jill have all comfort. They have a car and a radio. They have a refrigerator. Jane is surprised. She wonders whether she has given 2000 pounds as a gift.
      Jane understands the truth. Jil and Jack have purchased everything through instalment. They do not own anything. Jack's salary is 6 pounds a week. But his expense is 7 pounds a week. Income is less. But the expense is more. Jack and Jill own only one leg of the sofa. The bank owns the sofa. Jack and Jill own only the steering of the car. The bank owns the car. Jane is livid (angry). Jane wants to help Jack and Jill. So, she gives 10 pounds. She asks them to complete the full instalment of any one product. Jill gives the money to Doctor Martin. Jack is angry. He wants to pay for the car. Jill convinces Jack. She pays the money to Doctor Martin so that they can own their baby.
     Thus, this one act play is very humorous. Jack buys luxury products in instalments because he falls into the trap called buy now pay later scheme. This one act play emphasises the importance of efficient finance management for a happy life.

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