Manonmaniam Sundaranar University UG Syllabus





(Effective from the academic year 2012 -2013)

The curriculum of the U.G course in English Language and Literature is framed keeping in view, the importance of English as a lingua Franca. This programme aims at providing an exposure to major works of literature in English and empowering the students with excellent communicative skill and basic knowledge in ICT to be competent in the knowledge society today.

                                                                       I Semester
Components Hours Credits
Part I
Tamil/other languages(1 Course) 6 3
Part II
English (1 Course) 6 3
Part III
Core Subjects (2 Courses) 10 10
Allied Subject I (1 Course) 6 5
Environmental Studies (1 Course) 2 2
Total (6 Courses) 30 23
Semester I
Core I
Chaucer to Renaissance
1. Understanding texts with special reference to the periods.
2. Interpretation and appreciation of selected texts from the genres of poetry,
Prose and Drama
Unit I:
Introduction: What is English Literature,
Age of Chaucer, From Chaucer to Totell’s Miscellany
Unit II:
Development of Drama,
Age of Shakespeare
Unit III:
Geoffrey Chaucer: ‘Description of Nun’ from The Prologue to the Canterburry
Edmund Spenser: Epithalamion
Shakespeare : Sonnet 18. “Shall I Compare thee to a Summer’s Day?
116. “Let me not to the Marriage of True Minds”
Unit IV
Philip Sydney: ‘Charges levelled against Poetry’ from Philip Sydney’s
Apologie for Poetry
Bacon : Of Studies,
Of Delay
Unit V
Marlowe : Dr. Faustus
Prescribed Text
Hudson: History of English Literature
For Further Reading:
Arthur Compton-Rickett . A History of English Literature
Core II
Indian Writing in English
1. To introduce the writers of Indian English literature and familiarize the students
with varieties of Indian writing in English.
2. To develop an overall perspective of Indian writing in English.
Unit I
Introduction to Indian Writing in English
“Contemporary Indo-English Literature : An Approach” Amritjit Singh
Unit II:
Rabindranath Tagore : From Gitanjali: Heaven of Freedom
Silent Steps
Aurobindo Ghosh : The Tiger and the Deer
A.K. Ramanujam : In the Zoo
Kamala Das : Dance of the Eunuchs
Unit III:
Prose and Short Stories
Bipin Chandra Pal : Nation Building
Swami Vivekananda : Work and its Secret
Amarnatha Jha : The Teaching of English in India
Mulk Raj Anand : The Terrorist
Gopi Gauba : Green Parrots in a Cage
Arun Joshi : The Home Coming
Unit IV
Mahesh Dattani : Where There’s a Will
Unit V
Jayasree Mishra: Ancient Promises
Unit I: Aspects of Indian Writing in English: Essays in honour of Prof. K. R Srinivasa
Iyengar. Ed. M.K. Naik, Macmillan. 1979
Unit II: An Anthology of Indian English Poetry. Orient Black Swan.2010
Unit III: Indo-English Prose Selection. Ed. C. Subbian. Emerald Pub. 2011
Lets Go Home and Other Stories. Ed. Meenakshi Mukerjee. Orient Black Swan.
Social History of England
To help the students to get an insight into the popular culture and politics of England
Unit I From Early History to Counter Reformation
Chapters 1-4
Unit II: The Stuart Age to Hanoverian England
Chapters 5-10
Unit III: The Industrial Revolution to England at the Beginning of the Nineteenth
Chapters 11-17
Unit IV The Victorian Age to Life Between the Two World Wars
Chapters 18-23
Unit V The Effect of World War II to Contemporary Life in England
Chapters 24-32
Text Prescribed:
The Social History of England. Padmaja Ashok. Orient Black Swan. 2011
G.M. Trevelyan . English Social History. A Survey of Six Centuries Chaucer to Queen
Xavier, A.G. Introduction to the Social History of England.

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