The Sleep Walking Scene in Macbeth

The Sleep Walking Scene--------Macbeth------ActV  Scene I Lines 1-75.
            The Sleep Walking Scene is an important scene in Shakespeare’s “ Macbeth.”   Lady Macbeth undergoes so much mental torture,  after committing many murders, along with her husband, Macbeth. 
Though she tries to hide them from everybody, she is not able to do so for a long time. She reveals her secrets unconsciously in this Sleep Walking Scene. The only other people present here are the doctor and the gentle woman. 
The doctor has been watching for two nights with the gentle woman to find out the nature of Lady Macbeth’s ailment. The gentlewoman says that she has found Lady Macbeth walking in her deep sleep, unlocking her closet, taking a piece of paper, writing something on it, sealing it, and then returning to bed. The doctor asks if she has heard Lady Macbeth saying anything at that time. The gentlewoman says that she will not reveal that.  When they are talking, Lady Macbeth enters walking in her sleep with a taper in her hand. Her eyes are open, “but their sense is shut.” She starts rubbing her hands.  The gentlewoman says that it has been her usual action continued for a quarter of an hour, symbolizing the washing of her hands from guilt.  Soon, Lady Macbeth starts speaking. She reveals their murder of the old king, Duncan. She repeats her words to her husband earlier, encouraging him to do the act. Then she expresses her shock that the old man had so much blood in him.  After that, she reveals that they have murdered the thane of Fife’s wife. She is in a depressed condition, and questions herself whether her hands will never be clean. She also laments that all the perfumes of Arabia can not sweeten her little hand. Then she talks about Banquo’s murder.  She says that Banquo, whom they have murdered, is in his grave, and  he can not come out of his grave.
The doctor, who hears everything, is greatly surprised when he finds out the reason for Lady Macbeth’s sleep walking sickness. He observes that infected minds will reveal their secrets to their deaf pillows. He concludes that Lady Macbeth needs the divine more than the doctor. He asks the kind nurse to look after Lady Macbeth, “removing from her the means of all annoyance.” Finally, he leaves the place, saying that he will not talk about this to anybody.    

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