A Robber Robbed by Xavier Amalraj

      Mr. Ramakrishnan is a retired Government servant. He fimds it difficult to get a suitable bridegroom for his daughter Meena. All bridegrooms demand much dowry. As the play opens, the tenth
alliance part is about to visit the family. Ramakrishnan, his wife and son Raghu are in a state of tension. The son picks up a quarrel with the father and the parents fight with each other.

    At this state of confusion, a robber rushes in with a pistol. He introduces himself as Rajsob, a notorious criminal and tells that he wants to take shelter in their house for a few hours. He orders them to close all the doors and windows and gather in one room .Only Meena is allowed to go into the kitchen and prepare coffee and tiffin for him. He threatens them with the pistol and forces them to obey his orders. 

   When the family members obey his orders implicitly out of fear, Mrs. Ramakrishnan’s brother, Uncle Kumar, a Police Inspector knocks at the door. After much delay, the door is to let him in. Raghu tells Uncle Kumar that the stranger is his old classmate, Srinivas, from Alfred Mission College. Uncle Kumar wants his sister to prepare strong coffee for him and she in turn asks Meena to do it. Uncle Kumar tells that they have insulted him and leaves the place. 

      In fact, Uncle Kumar suspects the sranger.He returns with the constable in a short time .When the constable snatches the stranger’s pistol,his mousetache falls off. Raghu recognizes him as the boy who is to see Meena that day. The boy reveals that he has come in the guise of a robber for certain reasons. First, he wanted to have a close look at the girl. Secondly,he wanted to check whether Meena could cook well. Now that he is satisfied with her,he wishes to marry her. As a compensation for giving trouble, he decides to marry her without dowry. So the entire family is happy as the play ends.

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