Character of Corp. Gregory Waterloo

Character of Corp. Gregory
The one-act play Waterloo was written by Author Canon Doyle. He is a detective novelist the main characters are Corporal Gregory Brewster and his niece Norah Brewster. Nora Brewster is a
country girl; she has come to help who is 96 years old. As she entered the house she found a medal and a paper cutting just then Sergeant Archie Mc Donald came to meet Corporal. Norah told him that the old man had got up. As they both where talking to each other, Norah pointed out the medal to the Sergeant. The Sergeant read the piece of print near the medal. It told about the heroic deed of the corporal.
On 18th June 1815 a great battle took place between the French and the British army. At critical point the troops found themselves short of powder. Corporal Brewster was dispatched to the back to hasten up the reserve ammunition by then the French army had ignited the hedge around the form. The first tumbril carrying the powder exploded the driver to pieces. Corporal Brewster bravely drove the cart through the flames and succeedingly joints his comrades. Corporal Brewster was always proud of the moment when prince Regent handed him the medal.
He usually uses to say to everyone what the prince said to him “the Ridgment is proud of him”. At present due to the old age he finds himself very week at present there is no one to or look after him. He finds himself a straggler. “I have never had my call, and I can’t leave my post without it”. Corporal Gregory shows more interest in battles and wars. We find corporal telling to Norah “Israelites was good soldiers”. He also loves to read Old Testament.
In the end of the story we come across the death of corporal leaving the earth and joining huge army in heaven.

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