Dangers of Drug Abuse by Hardin B. Jones

Dangers of Drug Abuse by Hardin B. Jones
  Hardin B. Jones, Professor of Medical Physics in “Dangers of Drug Abuse” describes the evils of drug abuse and gives a warning against it.
            Nowadays people believe that any illness can be relieved by taking a pill.
  This has led to wide spread drug abuse.  At the first sign of nervousness people use stimulant drugs.  They use drugs not only when they are depressed but when they feel great already.  They depend on drugs not to solve their problems but to forget them.
            But medicine should be distinguished from sensual drugs.  As said by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, a remedy must take into account not only the disease but also the constitution of the patient.  He adds that persons in good health quickly lose their strength by taking purgative medicines.
            The sensual drugs give the users a strong sense of pleasure.  These drugs stimulate the brain’s pleasure centers.  The brain governs the sensations, moods, thoughts and actions.  These are easily upset by drugs.  But only naturally attained pleasure can give total satisfaction.
            Drug-related health disorders are many and varied.  Dirty needles and solution used for injecting drugs can cause liver disease, venereal disease and infection of the kidneys and brain.  The chemistry of the brain cells is complex.  Toxic drugs can easily destroy this complex system.
            Finally drug addition ends in physical discomfort.  The addict feels depressed and ‘dead inside’.  He fails to respond either to his environment or other people.  The dangers of drug abuse lie between the degeneration of health and the depletion of brain function.  But the damage to the brain is the most subtle but the lease understood consequence of drug abuse.

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